• For beautiful and healthy glossy hair



    Do you have a problem with styling your hair due to your damaged hair? Ageing? Climate? Water quality differences?


    We are a trusted and specialized salon to be able to repair your damaged hair by the knowledge of science and reliable technology.



    Dr. Hair Salon Rubik

    "Happiness from your beautiful hair"


    Our salon concept is to create a relaxing space where everyone who visits Rubik will love to come back again!


    We also hold regular study sessions for the newest and more better products for the latest technology.


    All our staff never stop aiming to improve their skills to the best and to serve our customer better!

    At your visit to Rubik, we will give an excellent counselling to scrutinize your hair and suggest a desirable menu for your needs.


    We will also advise on how to style your hair at home and to take care of your hair step by step.