Get a full-blown beauty hair trend from two hair quality improvement courses!

  • A new concept to restore hair

    If you have such trouble with your hair, must try FUKUGEN.

    My hair has been damaged by colouring and perms.

    Hair which has been damaged once does not return to the original condition completely.

    That's why you need to improve your hair condition with the help of Fukugen and homecare to minimize your damage to still enjoy your hair.

    My hair is very thin and no volume.

    The hair reinforcing component and new technology of Fukugen make it crosslink from inside of the hair to make the hair with firmness and thickness.

    I have a very dry hair from the beginning..

    By re-organizing the cuticle with Fukugen and changing the shape of the cuticle further, Fukugen will create new glossy and shiny hair.

  • I don't want to see the apparent rebonding borderline.

    I don't like my rebonding marks after two months of my rebonding!

    Hair around my face line heaves a lot, and I don't like it.


    For Those hair problems,


    FUKUGEN series will be the answer!






    The most glossy hair that I've ever had.

    Cristile has completely different from any other hair straiteners.

    You will get more natural straight hair by Cristile.

    I don't want to do rebonding, yet I want to do something about my waves.

    You can repeat the process of Cristile, unlike other rebonding.

    I want to have straighter hair, but I don't want to damage my hair by doing rebonding!

    Changing into amazingly glossy and stronger hair.

    FUKUGEN Home Care is available to help to keep its effects longer.

  • She does Cristile
    every three months for her maintenance and it shows no damage and has kept her hair as natural straight and glossy.