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    BH4 system treatment

    The latest hair treatment, infused with patented Japanese technology that sets it apart from anything else out there. With direct penetration of repairing ingredients including platinum fullerene into the interior of the hair, the treatment dissolves ceramide into water. Your damaged hair will replenish its lost keratins and lock them in. A must try--you'll feel and see the difference.



    あなたの髪を強く、しなやかに トリートメントの持ちも圧倒的です

    Tokio Inkarami

    Japan's best hair-care treatment system.

    The world's first professional hair treatment to replenish lost keratins and interlock them using the patented technology INKARAM, as well as by sealing the cuticle by replenishing the lost CMC. INKARAMI's objective is to restore damaged hair back to the original healthy hair, allowing hair to regain strength, silkiness, shine and moisture!

    Tokio Sinka

    SIN KA TOKIO IN KARA MI TOKIO de SINKA, a brand new revolution to the miraculous INKARAMI which has the best hair care and design ability. Repairs hair during perming/straightening and turns dullness into healthy shine! An astonishing design care which strength the hair by as much as 140%. Well received in top Japanese salons with high value for designed hair that pairs the best care ability to rebuilds keratin protein to the hair.


    Cureplex has taken the hairdressing industry by storm this year. Going lighter and worrying about your hair breaking is now a thing of the past.

    Cureplex dual action formulation creates new bonds to the hair allowing bleaching, permanent straightening, perming and some keratin smoothing products to be done without damaging the hair.

    Rubik original shampoo and conditioner made in Japan

    Rubik Anti-Humidity Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner Bergamot Scent / Made in Japan. Introducing the FIRST and ONLY home shampoo series especially designed for humid climates. Ingredients were carefully selected, ensuring gentle treatment of hair and scalp and suitability for all hair types.